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Daily Tours - Cairo 8

Daily Tours - Cairo 8

City : Cairo



 Full Day Tour fayoum Oasis

Transfer from Cairo early in the morning for about a 1.5 hour drive, it is the nearest Oasis to Cairo, 65 miles south west of the city. Witness a typical country setting with lush green fields set off by vibrant colors with the blend of desert and agriculture atmosphere. By the shores of Lake Qarun you will visit the Pyramids of Amenemhat III and Senousert II.


Fayoum was known as the Land of the Lake by the Pharaohs. They hunted for game, birds and fish upon the banks of the Lake Karun. The earliest settlements in Fayoum date back some six and a half thousand years. Under the Greek Ptolemies improvements were made on farming, drainage and crop rotation here. Today, you can see the ancient water wheels in use even today by the farmers of Fayoum

Ein elsillin

It is one of the best springs of el Fayoum; the water is sweet and is flooding in a lush area. The spring is a good place for relaxation, remarked with its waterways, greenery and bridges


The seven waterwheels of the city center are on display as an evidence of El-Fayoum's vital role throughout Egypt's history. They are now standing as a symbol of El-Fayoum

Karanis Kom Oshim

It is an ancient city first built by the Ptolemies in the 3rd century BC. It is close to the Cairo-Fayoum road, only 70 km (44 miles) far from Cairo. The city has a stone temple in the south dedicated to crocodile-gods Pnepheros and Petesouchos and another one in the north dedicated to crocodile-god Sobek (See Image 2), in addition to two Roman baths. The city is so interesting and a must-visit. The remains of the city shed some light over the normal life of Egyptians at the heyday of the city, with broken walls, alleys and streets give you an indication of the city's glorious past