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Daily Tours - Aswan 1
Abu Simbel Abu Simbel is considered one of Egypt's most famous sites, The temple was built 3000 years ago and it?s dedicated to king Ramses II and his wife Queen Nefertari, This temple which has remained nearly intact over the ages
Daily Tours - Aswan 2
Philae Sound & Light Show ,through the sound & light shows. You can get a glimpse back in time to see, feel and imagine the powerful ancient Egyptian rule. The artists have masterfully created a spectacle show that draws you in apart of history
Daily Tours - Aswan 3
The High Dam, The High Dam of Aswan is a great project. In fact it was one of the most important achievements of the in the last century in Egypt, even for many years it was a symbol of the New Era of the Revolution of 1952.
Daily Tours - Aswan 4
The Unfinished Obelisk lies, in its original location, in a granite quarry in Aswan. It is 42m in length and was most probably abandoned when some cracks appeared in the rock, during its construction. Had this obelisk been completed, it would have been the heaviest obelisk ever cut in Ancient Egypt,
Daily Tours - Aswan 5
The Temple of Kom Ombo ,The Temple of Kom Ombo stands on the east bank of the Nile, right next to the river, about 4Km from the town. It was dedicated to two Gods, Horus and Sobek
Daily Tours - Aswan 6
The Temple of Philae ,Philae Island was a rocky island in the middle of the River Nile, south of Aswan.
Daily Tours - Aswan 7
The Temple of Edfu , Edfu is located 60Km to the north of Aswan. It was the 2nd Nome of Upper Egypt and the centre of the cult of a triad of Gods, which consisted of Horus of Behdet, Hathor, and their son, Hor-Sama-Tawy. In the old Greek documents, Edfu was known as ?Apollopolis Magna? because the Greeks identified Horus with their God Apollo.