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Relax soul and mind

There's no better way to feel the spirit of adventure than to experience the desert safari especially in Egypt. When you hear the word, safari, scenes from old movies might flash through your head. Those people who carry equipment and supplies in the desert and this wildlife full of adventure with the natural exotic scenery.

Egypt is one of the most famous zones for Safari where you can enjoy the peaceful and uneventful life

The western in Egypt is a unique and fabulous place for enjoying the safari:

Baharia - Farafra- Dakhla - Kharga - Siwa

El Bahariya Oasis - Black & White Desert
5 Days / 4 Nights

8 Days/ 7 Nights
3 Nights Cairo
4 Nights (Bahariya/Farafra Oasis/White Desert)


Places of peace and power

The Sinai peninsular has much more to offer than simply diving the amazing under water world. The views above the water are just as awesome as those below it and many visitors come back time and time again in order to view the many different routes that traverse the desert wilderness.
Sinai is huge and so it is impossible to see the whole region in just a fortnight. However, it is possible to get a real feel for the desert by joining a safari led by local Bedouin and thus get a taste of authentic Bedouin life and desert dwelling.

The Sinai in Egypt is a unique and fabulous place for enjoying the safari:

St Catherine's Monastery      Mountain Moses