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 Have a Nice day from Magic Egypt Company

We are glad to offer you the first Egypt Website under the name of Egypttourismguide.com ETG

Our team was working hard to create this first and only powerful selling Travel Site for your lovely country. It opens for you the possibility of direct E-Booking through the Internet. The "eye of the world" will get a view to the Egypt Business.

Our main target is servicing you. With a membership of this dynamic website you can easily join the new world of E -Marketing.

We know how much time you have spent for your website, and how interesting it is for you, to see the clicks to your site. Now, in the new generation of business we like you, not to have to wait for the fortune that customers click your site, we will bring the power of interested customers directly to you.

 The Egypt Tourism Guide ETG is ready to go online! (7web)

GTG German Tourism guide    ( 2 web)

RTG Romania Tourism guide    ( 2 web)

ITG  Italy Tourism guide            ( 2 web)

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You just have to sign in, and for the monthly fee of just 50, -- Egp we will maintain the page up to your request. You decide which photos will be posted in your side; you decide all your details Such As

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photos and news, price list, seasonal offers and any change or special offer you like to add. It will be done quickly and uncomplicated by us in 3 working days at least. 

With this mail you will get two examples of hotel and travel agency presentations. With these links you can easily get an idea how your Internet presence can be through the website of ETG.

Zoser Hotel


 Calimera Golden Beach


 German Tourism Guide Directory

Hotel Monopol


 Grand Hotel Dream


 Acanthus Tours


 PIONEER Erlebnisreisen GmbH


Italy Tourism Guide Directory

 Hotel Diana in Rome


Hotel Ariston


La Riviera dei Sogni Travels


Intercontinental Travel Company


Romania Tourism Guide Directory

Ambasador Hotel


Relax comfort


Unique Hotel




 Our special offer for you is following:

1st year       600, -  Egp

2 years        1150, - Egp

3 years        1650, - Egp

Start to be a member of the big TOURISM GUIDE NETWORK and don't hesitate to contact us for any further question you might have.

The membership is unlimited with the first sign in for 1 year. We will contact you 4 weeks before your membership expires to renew for the following year. We can give you 1 month free of charge if you sign in for 2 years, and 2 month free of charge for 3rd year now.

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