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Paradise Golden 5 Hotel

Paradise Golden 5 Hotel

City : Hurghada

Stars : 5 Stars




Visitors require a visa to enter Egypt, except the citizens of Arab countries and Malta. The visas may be obtained from Egyptian Embassies and Consulates overseas, as well as upon arrival at the airports or ports. It is cheaper to get a visa at the airport, but that depends on your citizenship. An entrance visa entitles its holder for a one month stay in Egypt.


Currency:Egyptian Pounds , Official Languages Arabic, English, German, Italian, French, Russian. Casual Wear. In the evening jacket and tie are required


We are very pleased to present Hurgahada's most prestigious Hotel & Resort specially designed for all those who desire the finer things in life . Ideally located in the tourist area in Hurghada beach at the Red Sea - the most sophisticated, comfortable location in the world . There, you would discover the unique hospitality through our magnificent 5 stars hotels, deluxe resort & hotel facilities - "Golden 5 Resort Hotels" - the charm of the past & the comfort of the present harmony with the luxury of the future.



As soon as you approach Hurghada by land or by sea, the beauty of the Red Sea will be the first thing to capture your attention. With its blue-turquoise waves and its unbelievable underwater life The Red Sea is supposed to be the richest in the world.

Hurghada is located at The Red Sea coast. With its geographically perfect localization Hurghada is one of a the best tourist resorts here in Egypt. Due to its position, the weather is good all the year long and winters looks just more like autumns than anywhere else and that's made Hurghada suitable to all kinds of activities all the year long. One of the best activities is diving. The amount of things that you can see deep underwater is just over whelming.

Come to Hurghada - Paradise of the Red Sea and let us be your host


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